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>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey hey hey hey. I'm doing pretty good. Like the story I posted yesterday? I'm not sure if it's any good, you tell me! I just wrote it with the feature song "Leave out all the rest" stuck in my head... which is why it was feature. =P
I submitted it to Teen Ink also, but they take a while to accept it, so who knows if they will or not... I read this really interesting story on Teen Ink the other day, also. It's written in a really different style, but I liked it. Here's a link:


So, maybe read it and see what you think! I'm gonna try and submit some of my pictures to that site, too. Maybe the new poem I wrote... even though it was pretty stupid!! Hehe.

Me, Nathan, Kevin, and my mom went cherry picking earlier today! Yeah. I love cherry picking, it's so much fun. And there were a lot of berries on the trees, too! Note for future: never go cherry picking when you're hungry. Like I did today! I ate SOO many, but managed to pick a lot too. I LOOOOVE fruit!

Well, I think i'll stop being weird now (meaning that I'll just stop talking for a while). Ta ta!

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