We had a snow day, now it's time for....

>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

yeah, woohoo, fun, right? Well, not exactly! Haha, but yes, I am sick. It's slowly been creeping up on me since Wednesday, but today the germs seem to have come out in their full-blown terror. Yuck. :P
therefore, all (or most) of my plans for today have been cancelled, and I'm spending the majority of my time on the couch! Flanked with iPod, tv, and books, of course.

On that point, sick days do have their ups and downs. The most prominent down being... I'm SICK! Well, duh. But even while I feel disgusting, it's nice
to have some down time, right? So far I've watched two episodes of Psych, read several chapters in The Lost Hero, checked email and facebook (and texting), and I even managed to get myself dressed! Oh, and I've eaten plenty of food, of course. ;)

So even throughout all the stuffiness, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, throat-clearing, sounding like there is a literal frog down your throat, and etc., sick days CAN be fun. Well, at least slightly. Also, before I leave you, I'm almost finished reading The Lost Hero, so you can be prepared for a book review coming up later! Yay, what fun! Well okay, enough typing on here, I'm gonna go get to reading!
...or maybe another episode of Psych first. :)

Mood: sick :P
Listening to: the sound of my sniffing
Quote of the day: "Does your hair always look like a dead badger?"
Random something: today when I got up at 7:45, it was 16 degrees(F) outside. And for where I live, that is COLD. it's crazy!



>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think by now, you should know what this post is about. :)
Yes, it was just about time for a lovely, refreshing SNOW DAY!
Now, I know that not everybody likes snow, and sometimes I'm one of those people, but not today! When I woke up in the morning, I was almost nervous to look out my window just in case there *wasn't* any snow, but when I looked out and saw there was, I pumped my fist and yelled "Yesss!".
Yeah, I actually did that. I know, I'm a bit overly dramatic at times.

But anyway! It really has been a good day. I got go traipse around in the snow with Nathan (a longstanding tradition), and Kevin, Isaiah, and my mom joined us for some sledding! We finally got to use the sleds that we got for Christmas 2 years ago that had just been waiting for today! After being outside for about an hour, we headed in (too cold and wet, and Nathan and I are both a bit sick), but it was great.

Of course, staying inside can be great too! I'm currently reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, but I haven't had much free reading time lately, so I was glad to be able to catch up on that a bit. I'm also catching up on my flute practicing!! Now that I have a practice journal I actually have to write in every day at band, my practice habits are hopefully going to be improving. :P
I also watched 3 old Psych episodes...ahh, I can never get tired of those! OH, another thing that I'm catching up on is my Facebook 30 day picture challenge! I definitely haven't posted since day 8...I'm supposed to be on day 18. :P hahaha, so I'm gathering the picture for that, and I'll post them soon. I might post the picture on here too, if I have time! But for now, just some snow pictures.

Bye, have a good day whether you have snow or not! :]

Mood: happy but cold!
Listening to: my playlist again...currently "Down" :)
Quote of the day: "When words fail, music speaks."
Random something: uh...SNOW!! :D


Yes, once again, I'M BACK!

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

 Wow, I really abandon this blog a lot, don't I? And yes, that makes me feel bad. So sorry, to whoever is reading this, if it makes you feel bad too.

A LOT has happened since I last posted. And I mean, really a lot! Way more than usual for me. So, it's time for a few quick updates.

If you notice, the last thing I posted about was my first day of NaNoWriMo. Yes, way back in November. And yes, it's late February now. But! That's not what I'm talking about now. What I'm going to say is, I actually didn't do NaNoWriMo.
Well, I mean, I did that one day, as you can see.
But after that, due to many distressing personal and emotional problems, I decided not to. It's really hard to explain why I made that decision, but if you really want to know why, you can ask. :]

Number TWO big thing that happened since November:

I WENT TO TAIWAN! Oh yeah, my lovely Taiwan. I went back (my 2nd time there) Jan 20th-Feb 1st with another mission team from my church (5 out of 7 members just happened to be members of my family, too. It was strange). And, oh boy, I loved it. That place is like my home away from home. And I am SO SO SO going again! I made a scrapbook full of pictures and thoughts and memories and stuff from both trips, so if you know me personally and want to see it, I'm sure I can arrange something! I worked really hard on it. I would post some pictures here now, but I'm not actually at home at the moment...more about that now, I guess!

Yup, I'm not at home. I'm up in Washington staying with my aunt and uncle in Everett. My dad's uncle died in Canada last week, and the memorial service was yesterday, so since we were already planning to spend the weekend here in Washington, we decided to come up earlier and attend the service (but of course the silly border customs people couldn't understand that, and made us pull in...we always have the hardest times going to Canada! oh well). My parents saw a lot of my dad's cousins that they hadn't seen in over 20 years (my dad is half Canadian, by the way)! It was a lot of fun...well, for a memorial service, that is.

Today we're telling aunt & uncle & grandma about our Taiwan trip, and after church tomorrow we're heading south to visit cousins. Which I'm happy about! :] Is it weird that they're, like, my best friends? Hmm...haha well they are, anyway. :]

Wellll, okay, I guess that's all the BIG news! And, of course, I re-did the blog. Again. ;) hahaha, I always do that, don't I? But I will try to keep posting! I really will! I'm kind of turning this into a semi book blog anyway, so that might help me to remember to post. If I get any time to actually read the books... *sigh*. Oh well, I guess I'm not as busy as some people, so I shouldn't complain! And I won't! Okay.

That's all for now I guess! Stick around, I'll be back...BEFORE 3 months pass! ;)

Mood: happy/content
Listening to: my AWESOME new blog playlist! i love it!
Quote of the day: "The texture! The flavor! It's like a party in my mouth!" -Justin
Random something: I was going to have the quote of the day be the quote that was currently on my random-quotes widget, but it was way too long. So I used a quote from my friend Justin in Taiwan instead. :)

 (cause you know, i've always actually been HERE...wherever here is...)


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