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>> Friday, October 28, 2011

 Hey there! I know I should be posting some more pretties, but my computer hates deviantart these days, and I'm too tired to try and deal with it right now. But I might post the rest eventually.

But anyway, guess what's in 3 days?
And what does November mean?

Oh dear. Yes, National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us. After last year's bad experience, I thought about it, and I really actually want to do it this year. So I've logged in again and started getting ready to go. But then of course that posed the problem....what will I write about?!?!? I really didn't feel like winging it this year, so I thought I would be racking my brain for days trying to think of a plan. But then, when I was telling my dad I had decided to do it again, and my problems and stuff, we were just talking about how to come up with good ideas for plots and such, and literally five minutes after we stopped talking, I came up with my idea!!!!! It was seriously amazing. And I'm actually really excited about this one, guys. I think it might be good. :) I was kind of worried about this year, because I actually want to write something that I'm proud of, something that I would enjoy reading, something that I want to share with people, something that might make a difference. And I think this might be the year I finally achieve that. Of course, I guess it'll actually be next year, because if it does turn out as well as I want it to, then I'll actually take the time to edit it. Who knows, maybe for once I'll have something that ends up being more than a first draft! I'm still kind of nervous telling people what it's about before I've actually written and edited it, but I'm trying to get braver, so here's the summary I have as of now (changes possible in the future).

Who run the world? Girls. -Beyoncé Knowles.
After the third world war (also known as WWW, the Women's World War), society is run by females. All surviving men are imprisoned in different facilities, or work as slaves in factories. The most troublesome men are sent to a place called The Institute, where unspeakable things are done to them, after which the men are never seen again. But Cassandra Grayson has secretly been in contact with her father for years, and she's not happy with the ways things seem for him. When all messages from her father cease suddenly and she comes across a boy who gives her an interesting proposition, Cassandra must make a hard choice. Can she overcome a world where the best and worst sides of women, the sweet and the ruthless reign, or will she settle into complacency? 

Gaahh I feel so weird posting that on here! But I did post it on my NaNo page (add me if you're doing it, I'm Megatron14), so I shouldn't care. Oh and yes, I did get my inspiration from a BeyoncĂ© song. Don't judge please. :P 

Well in other news, I think my busy spell is finally over. Well, not counting the entire month of November. Metro and my concert are both over, and both went well! Everyone complimented me on the flute solo I did with the choir, and even though I was super nervous both times, I didn't mess up. Phew. Also I'm getting over the cold I've had for a week, and even though in the past week I've also had a muscle cramp and issues with my jaw problem, all the things I were stressed about seem to be going away. Thank goodness. :)  

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Quote of the day: “Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.” —Suzanne Collins Random something: I printed up the new Hunger Games movie character posters for my wall! :D


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