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>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yep, I'm bored. I cleaned the bathroom today. Wasn't much fun. But I got paid!

Right now all I'm doing is... sitting at the computer. Being bored. And talking to Alice- not that she's boring or anything.

This is kind of how I feel:

Yeah! Seriously- wait, I should try that!!!

Okay, well, I'm going to try and stop being bored.

Oh, you might have noticed, the music disappeared. I'm very sad about that. Something's wrong with the Blogger add-ons, it says they're all broken. So as soon as they are fixed, I will get the music back up there. =)

Here's a little survey thingy I might as well fill out (yes, I really am bored!)

First, here's what my name means:

M: gorgeous
E: is really sweet =P
G: very hot (HAHAHA- not!)
A: wild and crazy
N: great kisser

wow that was interesting!!

Second: a random survey. Just for fun.

Who is the last text in your inbox from?

Well, I don't have a phone, but actually, I still have an answer. I texted Esther from the computer.

Is anything bothering you right now?

Um... not anything big.

What is the last thing you ate?


Are you thinking about someone at the moment?

Um... yeah.

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you drank?

juice. apple juice.

Would you ever live with someone without marrying them?

um, hmm, i am right now!! my family, dur.

Where is your cell phone?

I don't have one yet, sadly.

If someone gave you $1,000 would you spend it or save it?

I'd definitely save some of it, but spend some also. I wouldn't have to wait until June for my iTouch!

What were you doing at 8 o clock this morning?

uhhh.... Facebook and Gmail.

Are you taller than your mom?

Yess!! Finally! And she's not happy about it. =)

Did anyone watch you the last time you kissed someone?

yeah, because it was probably my mom.

Would you ever get a tattoo?

no. I don't like needles. and I don't really want a tattoo anyway.

Are you a forgiving person?

I try very hard to be.

Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?

no, because i don't!

Are you wearing any jewelry?
yep, two friendship bracelets. I never take them off.

Hows your hairstyle right now?

messy yucky ponytail. I haven't brushed it yet. =P

Whats the craziest thing you've ever done?

um, I don't know! there's been lots of stuff, and I don't even remember them all.

What color is your camera, if you have one?

it's bright blue!! matches my room!

What color is your iPod, if you have one?

it's white. but when I get a new one it'll be black.

Did you pay for either of these with your own money?

the camera, yes, I saved up $100 of my own money for it! but the iPod was given to me.

How do you like your eggs?

hard boiled or deviled

Do you currently have any bruises?

probably a couple that I don't know about.

Are you a fast typer?

yeah, well at least I think so. ever since I got an email address my typing has gotten faster and faster!

When is the next time you will kiss somebody?

I don't know.

Are you talking to anyone at the moment?

no but i was chatting with Alice a minute ago.

Name one thing you want right now?

sugar and a couple other things that will remain un-named.

Do you usually shower in the day or at night?
in the day. if I did it at night, then I'd probably fall asleep and bonk my head.

How many letters are in your last name?


Do you prefer to hold or be held?

it depends on WHO is being held/doing the holding!!

Is your TV on?

I have no idea.

Are you listening to any music?

no, just my family chattering. I wish I was listening to music!!

Lean back what do you feel?
the wooden chair I'm sitting on.

What is the date today?

4/1/09. April Fool's day!

Where did you get the pants youre wearing?

Hannah gave them to me.

How about your top?

which one? I'm wearing a black cami which I got at... Kohl's I think. and a black tank top which Esther gave me for my birthday a while ago. and a brown t-shirt that I think is either from Kohl's or Penny's. and a baggy boy's t-shirt that I got at a garage sale.

Are you currently wanting any piercings?

um... maybe just one in my ears. but I don't desperately want it or anything. I don't really care.

Are you wearing shoes?

no, socks and slippers.

What are you wearing on your wrists?

Becky's friendship bracelet on my left. a bracelet I made on my right.

Do you plan on getting a manicure anytime soon?

no that's not exactly my 'thing'

What is the last thing you said out loud?

"oh i forgot about it"

Okay have a good day and don't be bored like me!

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Alice April 1, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

You know what Ang? You're a really awesome person. Thanks for being my friend.


Alice April 1, 2009 at 6:21 PM  
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