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>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Okay, this is really weird, and not really very realistic or true, but here it is anyway (I was in the mood to write something strange):

Deep down he dug. “Deeper, even deeper!” I commanded him, marveling at the harsh tone my voice could take on. I whipped the man, commanding him that I would have his head if the hole was not dug into a chasm in two nights. Then I left him with that threat.
I walked along the alleyways, pitch black, except for the occasional eruption of hot lava, which spewed forth light. Red light. I loved the color red. Reminded me of blood. And thinking of blood reminded me that I was hungry. Who should I feast on for dinner? Not another lawyer. Unfortunately, there had been an abundance of those lately. They were dry, without much meat on their bones, either just lots of fat- or just lots of bone. And even though I loved the crunchy sound, I needed something a bit healthier. Not a blood donor. They were simply not flavorful enough. No, I needed someone young, someone fresh- maybe a shipload of babies? One had just come in last week. They would be nice and plump. I could eat them buffet-style. My stomach growled intensely, and I hurried my pace. Soon I was at the ledge of the cliff, and there my kingdom lay before me, awaiting it’s king. I looked fondly at the place I called home.

Most people called it Hell.

“Oh, bats, another shipment from California,” I grumbled to myself, swishing my hooked tail back and forth. “They don’t taste too good either. I’ll feed them to Fido. He’s been awful hungry lately.” I climbed down the rope ladder hanging from the cliff, and soon was at the ground floor of my lovely home. Of course, only I thought it lovely. Because only I was not human. I loved the shrieks of women and children, and even the sounds of terrified men. On some days, I summoned any conductors that had been shipped in, and commanded them to make a chorus of the scream and squeals. Music to my ears. More beautiful than anything on earth could ever be. I strolled my away along, passing the torture chamber, just barely glancing inside to make sure the volcanoes had their usual ‘oomph’. And indeed, they did. I passed another room, where my worshippers were stored. They got even worse cruel and unusual punishment than the God-believers. Anyone who was stupid enough to worship me deserved it, in my opinion. Once again, as I walked past another family in chains, crying their eyes out and staring at me as I practically waltzed past, I wondered. Why were humans so stupid? They all should have known they would come here. It was their choice. Did they think that they would enjoy my wonderful world? Didn’t they know that everything they had gone through up on earth was compared to a pin prick here in Hell? I had a very personal punishment waiting for each and every one of them. I knew their deepest fears, their darkest nightmares. I knew what would hit them the hardest. And so I did. Did they not KNOW that I enjoyed their pain? That I was planning to eat them for dinner? What else did they expect? Stupid humans. I even gave some of the more evil ones a choice- join my crew of laborers and dig chasms to discard the ones I didn’t plan to eat in, or be punished for all the bad things they never chose to be forgiven for on earth.
I was powerful.
I was terrible.
I was evil.
I was biting the head off a month-old baby boy. Tasty, juicy, delicious-
and then I woke up from the most awful dream I had ever dreamt by my mom calling me for school.

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Alice April 22, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

Um, wow. That was, er, wow....


Jake,  April 22, 2009 at 6:09 PM  

very interesting and strange and odd weird (sounds like you were in a dark mood)

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