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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right now I'm trying out this new blogger "email posting" thingy. I think it makes it so you can post through your email address. No idea if it will work. Oh well, if it doesn't, it's not that big a deal! I just thought it sounded pretty cool.

Um.... today's Wednesday. That means, stay at home all day, do some school, and then go to Awanas in the evening. Unless maybe I can talk my mom into letting me skip...

I've been think about how utterly crazy I am lately. I mean, really! I can't believe that I told Alice that secret!! You probably know that I never tell my secrets. To anybody. Ever. Well, I told Alice one a few days ago. I'm soooo stupid!!! I NEVER tell my secrets!! Grrr.....

Since I don't think that people really care about my life all that much (if you do, then tell me, I guess, and I can talk more about what I do during the day...) I'm going to post the start of a story I started writing a while ago to post on Teen Ink. Lemme know what you think!!

"Uh-oh. Here he comes!" I hear the snickers and whispered comments being aimed in his direction. The 'him' I'm talking about is Russell.

Russell Johanson. The name is almost an insult in the small high school of Rapid Springs, Missouri, where I attend.

"Ew, Greg, what are you wearing? You look like Russell!"

"No I don't! Take it back!"

It's been that way since we were young. I still remember the first day of kindergarten, when the teacher stood in front of our class and introduced him. "Class," she told us in a nice, soft voice, "This is Russell. He and his family just moved here from Texas. They live in the motor-home park over by 5th avenue. Now, who wants to be little Russell's buddy?" At age 5, I sat there, in a room full of children sitting on their hands. Not even a single finger was raised, and even back then, you could hear the whispers.

Being so innocent and kind, of course, I did the only thing I could think of. I raised my arm. "Ah, good!" our teacher seemed very relieved. "Jason will be Russell's friend. Russ, go sit next to Jason, please." He came over and sat down timidly in the chair next to mine. My 5-year old eyes looked him over. He had a friendly face, even though his eyes were a little droopy. His clothes were what stood out the most. He wore plaid-checked pants, red and purple, with a slightly ripped blue and yellow polka dot shirt. His sneakers were worn out and- I could tell by squinting my eyes- had Barbies on them. Yes, Barbies. When I saw those sneakers, that's when I knew- Russell was different.

Now, I didn't know exactly why. I just knew that no boy in his right mind would wear sneakers with Barbies on them.

That's all I have so far. Hopefully I'll finish it someday! Well, bye for now. See you all sometime!



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Alice April 16, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

I love it! This is a GOOD story. I really like it. Really. Soooo talented!!! And by the way, don't be embarrassed about what you told me, secrets bring us CLOSER. And I won't tell ANYONE. So be happy, Alice KNOWS. Yipppie!!!!!!

Alice :)

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