>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey there. How ya doing?

Me, I'm good. Besides being quite tired (I haven't been sleeping well lately), I'm good.

So, yeah, I'm in Washington right now. Everett, to be specific. Visiting relatives again. It's nice. We got here yesterday in time for supper, and are leaving on Wednesday. So it'll be a break from home, but we'll be back home in time for new year's eve.

Speaking of which, anybody have any exciting plans? Me, not really. Stay home. Drink sparkling cider. Watch a movie, maybe some tv shows, perhaps try and finish Dear John if I haven't by then. That's usually what happens every year, actually. Some cousins from Ridgefield were going to come down, but that I think that plan bombed... meaning, I don't think their parents wanted to come down. Ha ha. But who knows, some of them still might.

Yup yup... stuff... oh yeah! Christmas is over. I had a great one, with family, remembering the real reason of the season (but of course, you can't have Christmas without that), and lots of fun. Also I got some great presents, which added to the happy time. ;)

Wow, I actually have TIME to post now! It's a strange feeling. But nice, also. I always have tons of free time when we come up here, since the grownups are usually reminiscing about old times (I do join them sometimes, but eventually I get tired...), and my brothers play legos or video games (same about the joining). So I end up spending a lot of time on the internet. Usually Facebook, gmail, blogs (like now), YouTube... stuff like that. And the free YouTube access is nice. No password! Woot!

Oh, and it might snow while we're up here. ^_^ The weather forcast said probably not, but hey, they can be wrong! We passed some snow on the side of the road on our way up here. At least, my mom says it was snow. My sister swears it was frost. Whatever, it's cool.

I've run out of stuff to say, so here's a cool and pretty picture that I found (thank you, google!).

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