>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey 'sup... I really don't feel like posting right now, so I don't even know why I opened the tab... heheheh. I guess I felt like posting a while ago.

I'm tired, it's making me feel dead. I almost fell asleep twice today. And I was gonna take a nap but I decided to watch another episode of Monk instead.

I recently downloaded all the episodes of Skillet's video podcast from iTunes (Skillet is my favorite band). There was around 53 episodes, I guess.
I watched them all.
Over, like, two days.


I need a life!

Actually, the past week has been pretty busy (busy by my standards, at least). And I have busy weekends. Next weekend I'm going to Bells' concert, and then I get to hang out with her (oh wait, I still need to call her and talk about it...), and then I want to go to the Narnia ballet that weekend because I have a ton of friends in it. Then the weekend after that is the Camp Harlow staff reunion on Fri-Sat and on Sunday I'm going somewhere with my youth group. And after that is Christmas, of course.

So it's a kind of busy month! But they're fun busy things.

I'm tired of blogging right now. So that's all.


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Alice December 7, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Thanks for the update!


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