I refuse to title this post "happy new year"

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

But it's true, it is now 2010! Insane, huh? I sure think so. It's
gonna be weird writing '10' instead of '09'. Who agrees??

Right now I'm sitting in the office. Listening to Kevin explain to
Nathan about this new Xmen gamecube game they're playing. How
interesting! ...haha. Not exactly. But I guess it's a LITTLE cool.

Okay, I want to be really honest on this blog. I've read some blogs
that are like really really honest, and I love that. So, time for a
bit of venting (not that I have all THAT much to vent about right now.
And my itouch has low battery).

Today I found someone's blog that looked interesting, so I skimmed
through a few of the posts. And I found one that I just could not
ignore. It was about infatuation, and how cruel it is. I simply had to
agree with everything he wrote, and I related to it so well. So I
commented on it (hope nobody thinks I'm a creeper, haha). It just
really shed light on the subject for me. Because most people probably
don't know this, (i hope that... Certain people... Aren't reading
this) but I kind of have a problem with infatuation. Not that I ever
let on, though. At least, I try my best to keep my feelings hidden
inside. But that's not always good. But is it better to keep to
yourself? That way you might have pain hidden inside, but would it be
better than showing everyone all your emotions all the time? I know
certain people do that. I don't, definitely not. It's just who I am.

So, like my novel says, I'm just trying to be my real self. Trying to
be honest. Maybe I won't hold back so much this year. But there'll
always be part of me hidden. You can count on that.

; )

Love always, Megan.

Megan... the one who loves cats, books, Jesus, the colors black and
green, the band Skillet, music in general, and so much more.

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Alice January 2, 2010 at 7:03 PM  

First, this is going to be a somewhat long comment, as I want to address all of Megan's questions.

1. It will be weird to write '10! Totally!!

2. Did you change your blog's title?

3. What's the URL to this awesome blog you found?

4. I hope I am not "Certain people". Am I?

5. I think certain feelings one should keep inside. It really depends WHAT one is feeling. At least, thats what I think.

6. Am I one of the people who you think show their emotions all the time?

7. I think EVERYONE will always have a part that is hidden.

8. Awesome post! Although, you thingy at the end "Megan who loves etc etc" was sorta weird?

Yours etc,

Angela January 2, 2010 at 8:07 PM  

1. I know, right?!?

2. Yep. I like change every now and then...

3. Um, lemme find it. Haha, I don't remember. But I'll try and find that one post again. It was pretty amazingly insightful.

4. No no no. I know that you read this. :D

5. Yes. I agree.

6. No. Not really. More than I do, though. What do you think?

7. Yeah. Definitely. And I think that's good, too! :P

8. Thankss. =)
Oh yeah, that's my email signature... I just had it there because I did the email posting thingy and forgot to erase it.

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