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>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey, I have to leave to go to my little brother's soccer game pretty soon, so I'm just gonna say a few things.

I have updated my blog playlist, added some things, deleted some things, and rearranged some things. (So you should listen to it).

One thing I've changed is the first song. It used to be Comatose, by Skillet-which is still one of my favorite songs- but now it's The Beauty of Grace by Krystal Meyers.
I was listening to that song on my iPod yesterday, I had listened to it before, but not very much, and for some reason it just stuck out. I mean, usually I had skipped that song because I thought I hadn't liked it or something, but when I was listening to it yesterday, it really touched me. I mean, one, it's a really good song musically, and two, the lyrics are true. I really like it.

So, you should please listen to it, or at least look up the lyrics and read them.


Well I have to go empty the dishwasher, so bye for now! (check out the playlist)



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