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>> Monday, July 20, 2009

Mood: feeling extremely good
Listening to: Disturbia by Rihanna
Song lyrics for the day: "today's the day for letting by and chilling out, you're busy doing nothing all day long oh yeah, and now you're smiling, don't ever let the feeling go ... trying to let off steam, and dream a little dream ... today's the day"

Oh my goodness... I really have been neglecting this blog, haven't I? Oopsie. Well, here goes, time for catching up...

I've been very busy. Yes, VERY busy. Here is my list of activities I have been doing for this month:
5th-10th: Working as a CAP at Camp Harlow. Amazing, awesome experience, I met tons of great people and can't wait until the next camp so I can continue to get to know them better.
11th: Homeschool teen party/went to Fisher's house. That's the day we had our loverly adventure with driving the car into a ditch...
12th: Went to my best friend's house and planned who would bring what props to VBS. Then watched 27 Dresses and went to youth group.
13th-17th: Worked at VBS from 9-11:30 (a.m. of course) every day. On Tuesday I also had a dentist appointment (btw, if you don't right now, FLOSS YOUR TEETH!!). Wednesday I went to a party at my friend's house. It was for everyone in our band, but not too many people came... it was a lot of fun, still.
18th-19th: Went to Camp Dwight with Shannon and Nathan. Had a lot of fun spending time with them and with my friends. I spent most of my time with Esther, Christy, Liz, Ryan, and also sometimes Daniel, Abigail, Ben, and some other people too. But mostly those first 4 people. And my siblings, of course.

And today is the 20th! Finally I have some time to spend at home and just CHILL. I know that Camp Veneta is going on all this week, and I might go for a day or two, but I doubt it... it does sound like a LOT of fun, though, hope you all have a great time if you're going!
So, yup, this week is my time to rest up. Stay at home. Have some down time.

Because next week my whole family is going up to Washington to visit relatives. We're leaving the 26th and coming home on the 31st... the day before my birthday! That reminds me, hope everyone likes the plan of ice skating... and I really hope we can work it out!

Oh, also, on Wednesday I got a haircut! The length is the same, but I have bangs now. =)

Well, I don't really know what else to say... might post a bit more in a little while. See yah!

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Alice July 23, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

Awesome! 'Bout time you caught up! How's Math btw? :P

Gonna see you in like, 22 mins, so see ya!


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