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>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, since people seemed to like the poems in the other post, so here's some more I wrote!


Shiny, dark,
pulling, uninviting,
yet alluring,
obsidian, stone,
cold, sleek,


Calming, daring,
beautiful, special,
dark, or light,
bright, or dull.
Always peaceful.
Grass, leaves,
the color of nature.
gorgeous, defining,
full of contradictions,
soothing, exciting,
standing out,
or blending in,
the color of nature,


Green reminds me of
summer days,
fields of wild flowers,
lying, blissful,
in a yard of tall grass.
Running, enjoying life,
Clothing being stained,
loving the green.
Green reminds me of
Spring blooms,
fresh and wild,
nature coming alive,
new buds, new leaves,
more green.
Green reminds me of
ivy, crawling,
but still beautiful.
Something good coming out of something bad,
Ivy leaves, fragile,
so simple, and so pretty.
Green reminds me of
strawberry fields growing,
sitting back, relaxing,
watching children run around,
then going and running with them.
Biting into fresh fruit,
juice dripping down,
picking berries in a sea of green.
But when there is no green,
I am reminded that there is hope,
for another spring,
another summer,
and green will always come again.


Being sad
is not a fun thing.
Some people are sad on a regular basis.
Some only become sad because something sad happens.
I, however, am sad a lot of the time these days.
Wondering why?
I'm not going to say.
Wouldn't want to betray some of my “closest friends”.
But why am I sad?
Is it just a feeling?
Or something more intense?
Is my reason to be sad really their fault,
or is it all me?
Am I being petty, jealous,
or are they just being mean?
What is true sadness?
One thing I know-
right now, I am sad.

PINK (keep in mind that I wrote this while hating the color pink!)

Bubbly, bright,
sparkling, happy!
Smiling, giggling,
and also peaceful,
Understated, or oh-so-strong,
talkative, childish.
Bubblegum, candy,
flowers, rose buds,
pretty, feminine,

2 comment(s):

The Authors January 13, 2009 at 7:01 PM  

As usual, they where amazing!

But why where you sad?!! Can I help?!?!

Your concerned friend,

meggibob1217 January 14, 2009 at 8:01 AM  

Eh. I was just sad for a while when I wrote that. I posted it as my gmail status too, while I was talking to you and Jerk. It seems that people really responded to it...


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