Mexico Montage (my sunburn turned into a tan)

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

(this is a little thing I wrote to update everyone about my trip. it was a lot of fun making it!)

My sunburn turned into a tan!!

After leaving Trent church,

the bus broke down three times

1: not too long

2: found a lodge

3: Yreka Ray's!

Back on the road

we're all friends now

drove through the night smoothly

besides the stinky smell

plus some smoke

but it's all cool.

Oh, and my sunburn turned into a tan!!

Arrived in Mexico on Saturday

a little behind schedule

but still not too late

Sunday morning the worksite was a surprise

there was a still a house

where there shouldn't have been.

We talked it over

and being the kindhearted people that we are,

we couldn't give it up.

Even offering to give up

on going to Knott's Berry Farm.

We just couldn't leave that family.

Helped them move out all their stuff

the old house was a sorry sight

it made me even more thankful

for what we did for them.

Plus, my sunburn turned into a tan!!

Building and building

for 4 days

we really did a lot of work,

more than we expected

and still, we finished the house.

Parting was a sad time,

lots of people cried

I didn't, but then again

I'm not much for crying in public

I felt like crying, though.

When we drove away

Michael was waving

with tears streaming down his cheeks

I wish them all the best

and I know that everyone will miss him

and all of them.

Driving got us back to our

regular happy selves

and soon we were at a church gym

excited to be taking real showers!

We also did devotions

revealed our prayer partners

everyone had nice things said about them.

There was a bit of a damper on things

what with the situation

with John

but still, everything was awesome.

And then the fun day!

Best fun day ever

at Knott's Berry Farm

we didn't need to give it up after all

since we're such hard and fast workers

we built the house in time.

Everyone loved the fun day

and we all wrote about it

in Esther's journal

I'm a wimp and went on the little rides

but my brave friends went on a lot more.

After that, more and more driving,

with lots of fun pranks

on the people who were sleeping in the back of the bus

until eventually we were back at Trent church

with family and friends waiting

to greet us.

they really missed us.

And even though we missed them,

I think everyone was kind of sad

to be home again

and it was a sad parting.

Everyone got to know each other

really really well

and I made a ton of new friends

who I still miss

and can't wait to hang out with again.

But it was a great trip,

and a life-changing experience.

Oh, and

did I mention that my burn turned into tan?

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Megan P June 22, 2010 at 11:22 AM  

Aww I just realized that it totally messed up the format. Lame sauce.

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