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>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Yep, just stuff.

The concert on Sunday was amazing, and surprisingly, I'm not deaf! Woohoo for that! Of course, I sat up in the balcony and didn't stand next to a speaker (like one of my friends did). =P But really, it was awesome.

Other stuff that's going on.... (just in case anyone's wondering, if you're not, then just stop reading and skip up to the post after this one.)

-I'm going to a Celebration of Life on Saturday. My best friend's mom died on the 4th. I know that it's a funeral, not some party, but I'm kind of excited for the reception afterward... I think it'll be fun. Unless people are crying. And they might be. =(

-I'm working on filling out my Camp Harlow application! If I get accepted, then I'll be working there this summer!! I'm really really excited, I've wanted to work there since I was a camper last summer. So I'd better hurry up and get that ap turned in!

-On Thursday (the 5th) I'm going to some of my friend's concert at Sheldon High School. I'm looking forwards to seeing my friend Jamie again, I haven't seen her since August!

-I am officially saving up my money to buy either an 8 gig iPod nano, or and 8 gig Zune. I still haven't decided- if anyone has any input on which one to get, tell me! I figured out a way that I can save my allowance so I'll have $55 saved by my birthday (August 1st), and I'm going to be babysitting and petsitting, if anyone hires me, that is. So I'm excited!

And that's what's been going on, besides band and school, of course. TTYL, everyone!


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Alice,  February 27, 2009 at 2:43 PM  



M February 28, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

I've always liked iPods...


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