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>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay, I'm going to post later today, I promise. But right now is school time, so I can't. I just wanted to share this short story that I wrote several years ago. I wrote it while we were on vacation at the beach, and I was sitting on a boulder overlooking the ocean. I remember being really proud of this story, I even read it out loud to all my relatives who were there with us. Anyway, here it is, more later today. (And I haven't edited this, so there are some problems with it. But I was pretty young)

Living Life.

By Megan, Age 10

The nighttime surrounds me, and I cry for help. My eyes try to make out figures in the darkness, but all I see is black. My eyes scan the darkness another time, but they grow tired. I hear a sound, and jump back. Am I safe, or will my death be soon? I grope around, feeling for a body. I feel a burn, and then something pricks my hand. I gasp, thinking of what could have happened. Was it a mere rose thorn, or was I bitten by a poisonous snake, or scorpion? I am afraid to touch it in case I draw in more venom.

Then I take a step forwards, and trip. I choke on sand, but then I stand up. Oh! I see a ray of light. Thinking good thoughts, I stumble towards the light. Then I step into the ray, and it becomes morning.

The light shines all around me. A soothing voice comforts me. As my eyes grow accustomed to the brightness of the morning, I hear singing, like the beautiful voices of a thousand angels. I take a step towards the music, then back into my safety. Then I gasp, for my eyes are seeing the most wonderful sight known to man: paradise.

As I look down on the unknown paradise, I hear heavenly voices once again. I cannot resist the urge to climb down the bank, and explore. I feel the soft sand on my feet, and hear birds of paradise singing their song. The dune grass is blowing, and I hear the ocean roar. Then, as I turn yet another bend, I see it. Yes - I see the Ocean. The sound is so loud, it seems like thunder. The waves crash upon the shore, scattering the nearby gulls. The colors of the water vary, from blue, to white, to green, and gray. I am so happy that I dance in the pure white sand, singing songs of delight. I finally collapse from exhaustion. I search through the sand, finding sand crabs, and pieces of Jade, and Agate. Then I find a long piece of seaweed and string my many treasures on it, to wear as a necklace.

Then, as I look up, I realize I have been transported to a different place, a tropical island. It is midnight, and I am seated on a cushioned throne with natives all around me. It is late, and I fall asleep to the beating of the natives' drums. Then I wake up, hearing someone call my name. But it is not my real name, Elizabeth. It's a child's voice calling, "Mommy, Mommy!".

Yes, the tropical paradise was all a dream. In reality, I am a mother of 6, not a dream princess. But it is true that life can sometimes be a nightmare, and sometimes a paradise. But, even though the years may come, and the years may go, and I will forget many things, I will never forget my dream, and I will always remember myself as I was in the dream: living, laughing, and loving life.

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